What does our Catchment Group do?

We care for our local environment

Our Catchment Group undertakes a huge variety of tasks, all on a voluntary basis. We would love more people to join in and help development programs, and here is just a small range of the what opportunities there are:

  • Receive free training on a variety of topics and skills

  • Help with fundraising and community outreach

  • Help build new environmental subgroups like propagation teams and environmental advocacy groups

  • Create a new wildlife monitoring team

  • Participate in on-ground restoration works and working bees, including tree planting and weeding

  • Assist in the design and delivery of school education programs

  • Participate in fun community activities like canoe trips and bushwalks

Media and communications about the Bayside environment


Grant and letter writing


Workshops and seminars


General meetings, events and celebration days


Community education trainers



We would love to hear from you whatever your interests are. bayside Creeks Catchment Group is here to conserve and protect the kind of diverse and healthy coastal ecosystem that will support our communities in the future. There is a place for everyone. Please contact us to inquire further.

Our Aims

To enhance

To protect

To educate

  • By promoting the importance of caring for our precious environment with our local community and schools

  • By looking after natural bush land areas through replanting and weeding

  • By monitoring the health of the animals and waterways in the catchments

  • By organising outreach activities and additional environmental tasks such as native plant propagation, cleanups and workshops

  • By working with local businesses and all levels of government to ensure the values of the Bayside catchments are protected.

Images from around our catchment

More hands mean lighter work

There are so many ways to get involved. Please contact us for more information or download the membership form and email to info@baysidecreeks.org.au.