Green Camp Road Corridor Upgrade

Did you know that Greencamp Road will soon have a dedicated fauna crossing? As part of the Green Camp Road upgrade project this corridor will be installed, along with wildlife awareness zones. Bayside Creeks Catchment Group are very excited to have this installed in the area along with the many other improvements the upgrade will bring:

  • providing a minimum of two through lanes in each direction on Green Camp Road from Manly Road to approximately 180 metres past the Rickertt Road intersection
  • providing three through lanes on the Green Camp Road northbound lane adjacent to the Tilley Road intersection
  • signalising the Green Camp Road and Tilley Road intersection including widening the Tilley Road approach to provide one left-turn lane and one right-turn lane
  • providing two through lanes on Rickertt Road in each direction for 200 metres from the Green Camp Road intersection
  • widening the Rickertt Road approach to provide a separate left-turn lane and two right-turn lanes
  • raising the road level and upgrading the existing culverts under the Green Camp Road and Tilley Road intersection to improve drainage and flood immunity to a 1% annual exceedance probability (1 in 100 year probability of a flood occurrence)
  • providing on-road cycle lanes
  • providing fauna crossing facilities and wildlife awareness zones
  • providing improved pedestrian footpath connections.

These works will improve safety for road users and will help to cater for existing and future traffic demands along this busy corridor.

You can check out a fly-through video on the Brisbane City Council webpage – click here to view

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