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What's happening in the catchment?

Gardeners, did you know?
What native plants are best? How to attract birds, butterflies and other local wildlife? How your garden can be environmentally-friendly? We have regular free community activities helping locals to live a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.

What's your catchment
If you live or work in Wynnum, Wynnum-West, Manly, Manly-West, Lota, Gumdale, Wakerley, Chandler or Ransome, you have a direct impact on the health of the waterways! We can help you learn about the natural environment we enjoy and protect.  

Bayside Creeks
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To find out how you can get involved or learn more about our natural environment email us or phone: President Charlie Robinson 0400 404 929, Treasurer Brad Pimm 0409 497 398, Secretary Keith Brown 0414 869 688

Bayside Creeks
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Mookin-bah Reserve
108 Greencamp Road, Wakerley. Working Bees last Saturday of the month 6:30-8:30 am Summer and 7:30 - 9:30am Winter. More info: Doreen Draheim 3396 5558 

Melaleuca Environmental Park
Working Bees are held every third Sunday of the month from 7-10. The next upcoming working bee is on Sunday 29th May. For more info: Ruth Webley 0406 008 259 

Harman's Reserve
Gannon Ave, Manly, Working bees every third Sunday of the month, meet near the scout hall on Wood Street. 7.30 - 10.30am. More info: Gayle Jensen - 0423 845 237 

Wynnum Municipal Reserve
Creek Warriors, Tingal Road (Opposite Barton's Bayside Holden) 4 times a year. More info: Len White on 3396 8084 

Mossvale on Manly
Mossvale estate at Wakerley. Second Saturday each month from 6:30am. Contact Pat Boadle on 0402 717 380 for details 

Lota Creek Reserve
Working Bees. For more info: Marion Weedon - 3393 3563